Asus Maximus Hero IX (Z270) and SSD Samsung 960 EVO 500Gb. Can't start any official UEFI setup USB flash with Windows 10

I have following hardware components:

1. MB Asus Maximus Hero IX (Z270) with lastest bios 1301.
2. CPU Intel 7700K.
3. SSD NVMe Samsung 960 EVO with lastest firmware 3B7QCXE7.

Last week I’m trying to install Windows 10 x64 in UEFI trought making of boot USB in Media Creation Tool, Rufus and other metods.

In BIOS I set CSM off or Auto, Secutiry booy is of, Type of OS - Other or Windows UEFI.

After reboot the PC with pressing F8 and selecting boot UEFI USB I was thrown into BIOS again or black screen.

Then I remembered what I had before Windows 8.1 x64. OK. Then I create boot Windows 8.1 x64 boot UEFI USB. Again press F8 select boot UEFI USB and success. After complete installation on SSD OS I start updating to Winfows 10. PC reboot after updating and again back to BIOS.

After all I ty to remove SSD and any of created UEFI boot USB start succefully and can install Windows x64 in UEFI mode to any hard disk.

Maybe any know how repairing inccorrect working SSD NVMe Samsung 960 with my MB. Maybe I have wrong records in the bios that is responsible of UEFI booting from NVMe SSD’s Samsung?

Many thanks in advanced!

No CSM, just UEFI pure mode
Secure boot off or other OS
Do a clean install OS again, no other drives attached, connect later

I’m trying more times start from UEFI boot Windows 10 USB with CSM off, security boot off and after press F8 and select UEFI boot USB break again into BIOS. But after removing SSD from PC all is ok and boot USB start normally and I can setup Windows 10 x64 in UEFI mode.

Ur USB OS install is not done correctly that why it goes to bios again.
Is the system doesn’t find a UEFI boot, it behaves like that
Use RUFUS and GPT file system

Edit: I dough compatibility behavior from motherboard/M.2 960 SSD, Samsung M.2 bug was correct in bios 1203. I do suggest update to the latest version and NOT older than 1203.
I always like to point this…computers r stupid but dont fail…we do, they follow.

EDIT: U can try disconnect ALL others drives except the NVMe. Check the 960 FW on a bootable system. Not logical… but u can try set CSM to AUTO.

Problem only with capability BIOS of motherboard and SSD Samsung in the true UEFI mode.

I’m flash earlier bios for MB v1203 and same problem.

Anybody can’t help me ?!

brooo , download windows 10 pro x64 … with windows iso downloader , waiting u can format usb , then mount win10 iso use GPT with uefi (non-csm) u can use uefi mbr too if u want , in that case on start opt = UEFI:NTFS / part scheme MBR - System = UEFI (NO CSM) . many says mbr faster. on start up goto bios or press boot menu = boot usb = when u booted setup , mark your ssd delete all partitions for that drive and when " uncalcuated " u install on it. if u cant boot on ssd anyway. resart windows in startup repair with CMD - and - diskpart - list disk - select your ssd- if u have no volumes / partitions go- sel disk “number” and after "assign letter=“c” and again but now " text active … then restaart and install win10 . all ssd u need to activate . but Now into windows discconnect ethernet cable or internet- choose local account NEVER microsoft accound .
and when done go to settings and windows update - dont update driver on windows update. and start all manual - gpu driver from gpu page not mobo. chiptset- sata /nvme drives / Windows 10 Debloater BY chris titus ! disable C-states in bios , watch chris titus on youtube.