Asus Maximus Vi extreme nvme bios mod possible?

hello good day. i’m wondering…

is it possible to mod the bios of a

ASUS maximus vi extreme motherboard

to support native boot from nvme on pcie without bootloaders?

i got this old board here. currently has a i3 in it. depending if this is possible i might grab a i5 or i7 cpu for the board.

Yes u can follow the guide here

Or see here, already done, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself
(REQUEST) Bios Flash Nvme support ASUS MAXIMUS VI EXTREME 1603

nice thanks!

now hoping i can find a cpu for the old beast :stuck_out_tongue:

May you find a nice deal on ebay!
Don’t forget about Xeons, often they are cheaper and usually a better performer anyway.

the motherboard suddenly started smoking… and it appears to be a faulty cpu… now idk what…

Sorry to hear!! Faulty CPU would not smoke usually, something else must have fried too, but yes, that could be possibly due to faulty CPU (not usually though, unless some short inside socket)
Hopefully your CPU survived! Could you see where smoke came from? Do you see burn marks now?