Asus P5E3 success

Not exactly the newest mainboard but I decided to give it a try anyways.
By using MMTool I replaced the old ROMs with the versions listed below:
- Intel-RSTe_RAID-ROM_v13.5.0.2164_TRIM (old version was 7.5 something)
- JMB36x_RAID-ROM_DEV-2363_v1.08.01
- Marvell_LAN-ROM_DEV-4380_v6.68.1.3
- Realtek_LAN-ROM-PXE_DEV-8168_v2.66

BIOS flash worked as well as reboot after flash. Decided to install two SSD in Raid 0 and install Win 7.
Windows runs good, driver install was no problem at all, RAID BIOS shows correct version … to make a long story short: Perfect results.

Two questions, one might be stupid
1. is there already an CPU code update available for this generation of CPUs that takes care for the spectre and meltdown issues?
2. is there a tool available to change BIOS rev number? Something was mentioned here in the forum but I can’t find it again.

Cheers F.