Asus P8H61-M LE/USB3 NVme Boot Help.

i just need a working Bios for a normal M.2 PCie SSD.
I’m in your hands… :smiley:

Here you go - flash with EZ Flash (May need renamed to stock name, unsure, if so only put on on USB at time since it has to be in root of USB) -…707945212611891

there are 2 ROM files in the archive.
I can flash anyone of those? or it’s a sequence of flashing? one first and then second?

Yes, either. It’s same mod BIOS, but one has NVME edit done with UEFITool and other done with MMTool.
In case one is failing on this board, use the other.

CLEAR… will try in few mins and will try to Install a WIndows 10 copy…
how should i create the USB drive?
MBR/Bios CSM ?

Either should be OK since CSM is enabled, just be sure NVME is RAW

Maybe @-=N&N=- will get a PM about this tag and stop in to advise too, if not, you could also try sending him a PM

UEFITool files has been not even recognized as valid from EZ Flash utility.
MMTool accepted and flashed but… unfortunately it return the same issue.

NVme SSD is not initialized but once the MBR/CSM USB win10 installation reach the selection of the drive where to instal to, it mark the disk as Not bootable.


Sorry, I can’t understand what that Win10 install page is showing since text is not in English (I need to see all buttons, info there in english (not you explain)
However, I thought of this, here is much easier thing you can do! Install Win10 on SSD normally (or spare HDD, but if you do HDD be sure to align partition first manually like it’s SSD)
Then clone to NVME as I outline at following link, it’s info about doing this for Win7, but you can do Win10 just the same - Installing Clean Win7x64 on M2.2280 PCIe Gen3x4 SSD A-DATA SX8200 Pro

True… :slight_smile:

Simply the yellow writing with a trangle warning… say that that SSD can not be a Win10 destination disk as it will be not bootable.


Anyway, my impression is that this system DO NOT HAVE AT all a UEFI.

A simple UEFI USB Drive with Acronis true image DO NOT BOOT… as the system return a MBR boot of UEFI media Error Attempt

Nowere in the bios there is a UEFI option and not even a Secure Boot…

For how many modules we can add to System Bios no UEFI Boot "hook" is present to link the NVme SSD

As I mentioned, you explaining “Some” of what is shown there is not what I need. I need to see that exact image all in English

Please use edit option if you need to add more comments and no one has replied yet, thanks

This BIOS is UEFI, and it has CSM, and I linked you to a user with this exact model board that already flashed NVME mod BIOS and installed windows 10 to it in the past

I never mentioned Acronis, nor should you use it, unless you find a guide showing you the EXACT same thing I made guide for (which is not a general clone guide)

Until we hear from that user, you’ll have to wait or send him PM. Obviously Secure boot mode is already enabled, since CSM is in the BIOS and enabled by default, if there was not secure mode enabled this option would not be in the IOS and enabled.
Just because you cannot see a setting doesn’t mean it’s not there or enabled etc. Plus, as mentioned, that other user already confirmed Win10 install on this system.

Maybe i missed the link… can you re-past it… maybe i’ll contact him directly and ask if he still store a copy of his Bios to use on my board.

See post #2, and post #6 where I gave exact post #'s from that thread. I already tagged him here too in this thread, hopefully he’ll stop in in next day or two
His BIOS would be same exact one I sent you and you are already using, mod BIOS for this only done two ways and you already confirmed UEFITool method wont flash so he had to use MMTool method.

I saw he succeed beside the mobo has a brend name slightly different (mine is USB3 version)
but as i understood he just inserted the wrong Nvme module… I suppose the file you sent me has correct one in it. :slight_smile:
If it can help… with only Nvme SSD connected to PCI slot, the Bios report the presence of a PAta_SS disk.

Anyway i keep thinking that BIOS do not have UEFI active as this is the message when i try to boot from a GPT/UEFI USB Media

Any idea about it? @Lost_N_BIOS


What do you think about the previus message here posted?
IS it really beliveable that CSM-UEFI boot is enable with this reported message?
here is the Bios chip file extracted with the USB programmer
Chip is a MX25L3206E