Asus P8Z68-V/GEN3 problem

Hi guys, after a bios flash on my mb through the utility in the bios itself, i don’t see any signal on my monitor. The fans and hard drives spin but no post.

Then i ordered a programmed chip on ebay but the problem persists. The bios file is a normal .ROM, could be bad programmed chip? Maybe i can try with a programmer?


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1. Did the computer run normally before you flashed the BIOS?
2. Are you sure, that you flashed a BIOS, which has been designed by ASUS for your specific mainboard model and Revision?
3. Has the flashed BIOS been an original or a modded BIOS? If it should be a modded BIOS, who had done the modification and which modules have been replaced/inserted?
4. Have you already tried to “Clear CMOS” (look >here<)?

Yes, that will be one of the ultimate options. Alternatively you may look into >this< guide.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thank you for your help Fernando! :slight_smile:

1) Yes, everything was fine, i updated the bios i don’t know why lol, my bad.
2-3) Yes, it was an original and from the Asus site bios, the latest version for my board (3603) here is the link
4) after i have inserted the new chip i tried to clear CMOS by jumpers and by removing the battery (maybe i had to do it before?)

i’ll try with the ch341a programmer, maybe is the bios version that have problems, i don’t know. :frowning:

Hi guys, i tried to reprogram the eeprom with CH341A but still no video signal. Hard drives are loading something i guess, but the pc doesn’t post.

Which graphics adapter (iGPU or a discrete graphics card) is your system using?
If it should be a discrete graphics card, I recommend to remove it and to use the iGPU instead.

It’s the iGPU. I tried to connect a dvd drive (usb) and works. Sometimes the hard drive works like when windows is loading. while, before the flash, it didn’t work after the starting spin. I don’t understand. Can i attach my bios backup? Maybe it helps i don’t know.