ASUS P8Z77-M PRO No Console to use for Rebuild

Hi… I have a RAID 5 drive failure on a fairly old, but kept up to date ASUS P8Z77-M PRO build. I replaced the drive and was expecting to use the RST application for the remainder of the recovery, but alas it is not installed (again old build). The board started out on Win 7 and was upgraded to Win 10. I checked the storage controller and it is an Intel Chipset SATA RAID Controller. I’ve checked Asus website but cannot validate if the Chipset package that’s present will help because the current storage controller driver is dated 2/7/2018 and the Chipset package is 2015.

Apologies if I missed this digging through the various threads, but is there a console/application that you can recommend separate from the driver? And if so is there a current console/application backward compatible with a driver from 2018? I’ve assumed that the rebuild started once the OS booted so I haven’t touched the box, but since I have no way that I’ve found to see what’s actually happening I’m hoping for some guidance or a pointer toward the right information so I can fix this.

Thanks much in advance for any help.

Revising my question, as I’ve researched more …

Does anyone know if I will lose the RAID array if I install Intel RST on this degraded array, which as I understand it will also effectively replace the RAID driver?  I’m pretty sure now from researching that even though the disk is replaced that it’s not rebuilding.  And I cannot see a way using Windows Disk Management to do a RAID rebuild, nor am I aware of any other RAID software that can help.  If anyone has any thoughts thy’d be much appreciated.  If I don’t hear back I’ll post my findings after my backups finish so i can work a little more freely.

Any thoughts would be welcomed.