Asus P9X79-LE Bios mod

Firstly i would like to say "amazing site" hello from Ireland. I am here because i have resurrected my pc after giving up trying to get it to boot from pcie sm951`ssd.I think i need a modded bios but unable to find on this site . i have found a modded bios for the deluxe model and wondering will it work…?. any help would be great. Thanks in advance

@rokz :
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Which Samsung SM951 SSD model (with AHCI or NVMe protocol) do you have? I ask this, because both models need a different additional BIOS module.
If it is the SM951 NVMe model, please look into the start post of >this< thread, if it is the AHCI model, you can find the related instructions within the start post of this< thread.

Dieter (alias Fernando)