Asus P9X79 LE NVME Bios (NVMe/Bifurc./uCode/OpROM)

I´m in need of NVME modded Bios for Asus P9x79 LE and preferably P9X79 as I sit on both motherboards. Anyone out here that might already have them or may help? It will be much appreciated.

Need links to BIOSes.

I linked directly from Asus website choosing the MB and operatingsystem since I´m a new user I´m not allowed to upload the files. I noticed that other boards of X79 had with and without bifurcation for both Biosversions ,so I linked Bios 4701 and 4801 here as well.
I can start another thread for the plain P9X79 to avoid any confusion.
Thanks for your time man.

Asus P9X79 LE (Win10X64)

Bios 4801:

Bios 4701:

This two BIOSes with only NVMe additiv.
All regions BIOSes was already unlocked, so you can flash with Intel FPT (Flash Programming Tool, archiv FTK8).

Many thanks. I will try to boot from my old nvme installation from P9X79 and hope it will respond in P9X79 LE as long as bios detects the disk.

Actually I have to flash it in UEFI mode and it already asked for a .CAP file as .bin isn´t recognized. Do I simply rename the file or does it have to be done in a dedicated program?

Any help here will be needed. I already tried that Bios renamer utility from Asus that didn´t work at all.

Dont flash anything without Michael info on it, wait for him.
Ensure that you have backups of the current bioses on the motherboards to save original data. FPT tool 8 can be used to do this or AMI AFUWIN 3.xx, confirm data in backups with FD44editor.

For Asus motherboards with USB BFB, its the best method with mods.
NO Asus EZ in bios or Win environment.

The mods can be done partially/totally on the Asus bios CAP file, in the Intel Bios image extracted with UEFItool, later appended back to the capsule or bios_region dumped/flashed with FPT tool.

By USB BFB method, usually there is no need of appending back ASUS original data to the mod CAP file, contrary to a flashed empty bios_region only.

The use of Intel FPT tool with a CAP/Bios_region from Asus website, will blank the motherboard original data if not appended with FD44editor.

Both motherboards models are easy to mod (NVME, UBU modules etc…) and flash/recover

EDIT: The current OS on the system has no interference with the NVMe mod or regular, as it was. Later you will do a clean (my recom. not a cloned garbage OS) UEFI GPT, mandatory for NVMe.

OK,Thanks for this information. I will wait for his reply. As I only operate from an old macbook,I guess only way to get my old windowsinstallation back on the machine is to flash bios manually on the motherboard with the corect format for it?

Sorry, we in another TimeZones :laughing:
MeatWar explained already.
After modding header don`t corresponds image BIOS.
I think, better path, start BIOSREFL.BAT from Administrator from packet FTK8, DOS or WIN, no matter.
But do not forget rename required BIOS to BIOS.BIN
Hmm-mm-m, I forgot about BFB, you have it.
Start BACKUP.BAT and give me backup.bin, I prepare files for BFB, it will easy solution.

Is backup.bat something that can be runned from UEFi bios? My apologies for questions that might appear stupid,but I´m not familiar with all the phrases used here;) Keep in mind, UEFi Bios is the only thing Iḿ able to access on my machine.


Only external utilities.

All needs utilities in archive FTK8.
BIOS in flash chip contains S/N, UUID, etc.
Only RUN BackUp.bat and you get biosbck.bin with mobo`s private information. And send it for me. I correct stock BIOS and send you back for BIOS FlashBack procedure.

I´m still not able to access the file from Bios. Trying to boot in to it only gives me the “invalid or damaged bootable partition” message. (CSM legacy is enabled and I also set OS to “Other” What am I doing wrong here? (All files you sent me been extracted in mac osx,but put on a fat32 formatted usb drive.

Damm sir, didnt Michael made a correct bios file CAP with the backup data of your system?
Then, the CAP file is to use with the ASUS USB BFBack feature on the motherboard, not booting from it.
Never used the ASUS BFB feature before?

The CAP must be named according the mb model P9X79LE.CAP, check mb manual.
The smallest USB drive as FAT32/FAT, some USB drive models cant work depending of the motherboard “picky” mood, try another brand/model.

I don`t knew about macOS !
I prepare archive and short instruction ReadMe.txt
Go to link above again. I need backup.bin for edit BFP files.

Thanks. I still don´t see how Iḿ supposed to open any of the tools from my UEFi Bios. Only place I´m able to access a very limited information on my usb flash is from EZ flashtool in Advanced menu. Is there a videotutorial somewhere or instruction step by step to explain clueless people like me how to proceed in simple words?

EDIT: I thought that you had already attended to his request and having already the fixed CAP.

Thanks MeatWar. This is fine,but this won´t work with the .bin files that was sent though. If i can get some detailed info of how I use the tools backup.bat to make backup.bin so I can send it to back it would be helpful. As I mentioned I have no access to windows now,but I assume those tools might be able to open up from bios somehow?

He previously made the mod as non CAP file, this cant be used by the safest way, the Asus USB BFB feature, so in order to do so and finally use this feature he wants a backup (Dump) of the current bios on the system. This is made with a tool (Intel FPT) that his providing in the BACKUP.ZIP, from the link shared in MEGA, for now the rest of the presented ZIP archives should be ignored.

Readme the README file, format a small USB drive, on the root of it put the content of the ZIP inside, the folders in it as it is (EFI/BOOT).
Boot the system as UEFI=CSM OFF (No CSM or Auto) from the USB, zip the resulted file and send it to him, he will then give back a prepared CAP file for USB BFB.

In this way you dont need special tools or any other specific details for flashing, its the easiest and safe.

Read the thread and you’ll know how. If you looking at the MEGA provided, theres ROM files and CAP files, the easiest and safe is ASUS BFB feature using CAP.

How do I install the bios on my board? Can you help me? Thanks