Hi all,
i make this topic in the hope that someone can help me to reflash the me firmware
i failed to downgrade me firmware ver from to, bios now lists ME FW version as and post time so long.
i try to unlock me_reflash option, and still can’t use FPTW to reflash me fw

2020-01-08 021053.png

2020-01-08 021325.png

sorry for my bad english

@0x008645 - Sounds like you either bricked ME FW region via bad flash, used incorrect commands during your ME FPT update attempt, or gave it a broken ME FW as source etc (so bad ME FW flashed in).
Why are you downgrading from 11.8.70 to 11.8.55, seems like a waste of time to do that? Did you use the guide, transfer your ME FW settings from 11.8.7 to stock 11.8.55, then rebuild new ME FW?

In grub (not shell), using setup_var you changed 0x6C7 to 0x00? If yes, and you can’t flash ME FW with FPT, then your only option is to either to pinmod (See E.1 here), or purchase CH341A + SOIC8 test clip with cable if BIOS is not in a socket

If you do pinmod, it only remains during one boot process, so do not reboot until you are done.
1. Do pinmod + boot into windows
2. With FPTw, dump FD >> FPTw.exe -desc -d fd.bin
3. Edit FD.bin to unlock all regions, per section B spoiler 2 in above linked thread
4. Flash back unlocked FD >> FPTw.exe -desc -f fdmod.bin

Reboot system, then you can now reflash ME FW region using FPTw.exe -me -f me.bin