Asus prime X370-PRO + ryzen 5 5600 and win7 issue

Hi all,

Been using asus prime X370-PRO + ryzen 5 2600 (OCed to 4GHz) for a very long time on win7 + win10 (for gaming only) without any issues.
I’ve upgraded my GPU from vega 56 to rx 6800 so I decided to go for a ne CPU also. flashed latest BIOS.
win10 no issues but win7 is giving me these problems:

  • USB is not working when booting to w7. keyboard and mouse dead.
  • adrenalin AMD drveir for rx 6800 is crashing on startup. didn’t try reinstalling because there is no use if I don’t get USB working so I can use keyboard and mouse properly.

quick research before going for 5600 told me that is should work under w7.
I’m willing to sell this one and go for r5 3600 if that could give be some boost over r5 2600 if I can’t get this thing working?

according to these comparison it should but…

any ideas?