Asus Prime Z-370-p sli mod possible?

Hello! I have two GTX 970 which i had in SLI on my asus p6t se motherboard, With modded bios i had sli working perfectly, now i have upgraded to a Z-370-p and it only supports crossfire. It has 2 pci express slots. One is 8x i believe and the other one is 4x. I’ve heard that SLI won’t work at all with 4x speed. Is this true? Thanks!

@psrkallez06 Hi and welcome to Win-RAID.

You are correct. As the Asus Z370-P has one PCIe x16 sized slot that is ‘electrically’ 4x it is not natively SLI compatible. Therefore the SLI certificate BIOS mod will not work.

The only potential possibility is to use a modified driver such the ‘Different SLI’ project.

Although I will warn you now that geting recent drivers to work may be impossible and it may be more hassle than it is worth.

Thank you very much for your answer! :slight_smile: