Can anybody extract me kbc rom from this bios file. thanks…aRG7txV5IBr/30/

I haven’t found anything named “kbc” or similar within the BIOS, not even within the CSMCORE section, where the ROM modules usually are situated.
By the way: It would have been a good idea to mention, what “kbc” stands for. It took some extra time for me doing a Google search for it and to find out, that this is the “Keyboard Battery Controller”.

kbc is a basic input/output controller in my case ite8585. ite8585 was short, i replaced the controller now i flash the kbc to turn on computer. for your help, check also kb9012 programming. the kbc eprom is equal to EC bios but integrated in controller. thanks

Attached the EC of that model. That’s the only thing Asus includes at the 208 image they provide.

EC_PU551LAAS.208.rar (29.8 KB)