asus R511L (x555LJ) downgrade to windows 7 possible ?

hi guys i just bought an asus R511L (x555LJ) with Windows 10 and i want to downgrade to Windows 7
is it possible ? i have tryed so many times without succed. the laptop got the Intel(R) 9 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller, and i have try
to integrate the drivers to the windows7 usb boot disk with NTlite , but it still asks for a specific driver at the install.
win10 is using iaStorA.sys v i have no option into the BIOS to disable AHCI mode and go IDE mode :s
heeelp plz.

@jeanjean :
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Yes, it is possible to “downgrade” from Win10 to Win7.

Maybe it needs the driver for another device (e.g. for the USB 3.0 Controller).
From which media (DVD/USB) did you try to install Win7? How did you prepare the image? Which mode (LEGACY/UEFI) did you choose?

I do not recommend to change the SATA mode.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

hi thanks for answer . im trying to install win7 from USB stick … image done with NTlite (using your guide : [Guide] Integration of drivers into a Win7/8/10 image )
and usb stick with Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool.
when i boot at start up i choose (UEFI usb lexar 8 GB)

i cannot set the the mode to Sata … bios doesnt allow … only choice is ahci

You may try to use the tool named Rufus and change the USB Flash drive and the USB port.

AHCI is a SATA protocol and the best option for you anyway.

thx Fernando, i’m adding the usb 3.0 driver to the iso and i try with rufus . it doesnt seem to change anything :confused:
i tryed with another usb stick without result … still ask for a specific driver …but i can see the disk drive partitions of win10

IT WORKS !! i change my post lol it finaly work … dunno if it was the USB 3.0 or the rufus software that fixed the problem but it works !
Thanks a lot Fernando you saved me !

@jeanjean :
You’re welcome!
I am glad, that you succeeded.

Hi Fernando,

After installationWindows 7 on my R511LJ, i can’t setup drivers for USB/LAN/WIFI …

Did you succeed in setup all the drivers ? I tried Windows 8.1 64 version of the drivers from the asus support …


Or maybe Jeanjean has the answer …

Just google a little bit:
Intel USB 3.0 driver for 8/9/100 and C220/610 chipsets
Realtek PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Controllers

WIFI will be a little bit tricky…
You need the manufacturer and device ID.
Qualcomm Atheros
I did not find any Broadcom WiFi drivers for Windows (at least not on

If you don’t find what you need, here is a link to Station Drivers.

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