ASUS R700VM/K75VM BIOS/AHCI modes edit or EVO840SSD firemware mod for stable SATA2 support

the friend of mine has the R700VM from ASUS bought around the 4Q2012 -…&hashedid=n%2fa that was recently subject of upgrade by adding the Samsung’s EVO 840 (250GB) SSD drive -…/SSD840EVO.html.
Suddenly the problem of the ASUS’s motherboard implementation based on Intel HM67 raised right after the SSD/EVO 840 SATA3 was plugged in there.
The disk is fine itself (tested on some other notebooks with no issues), but inside the ASUS’es R700VM it’s basically very unstable - Win7 BSODs, it boots randomly with only about 20% of attempts.
From network research it looks like ASUS has failed with the SATA3 support implementation at their MOBO and also their backward autoswitching for SATA2 is buggy that brings that unstability.…-k75vm-ssd.html
My friend can not afford another SSD disk or new notebook, so our question is, how to fix it - eg. could we try to slow down the EVO to SATA2 only by it’s firmware modification of edit the ASUS’s BIOS to make it working stable with the EVO on SATA2 mode (preferred approach)?

Please advise, how to extract and edit the ASUS R700VM’s BIOS, to change it’s AHCI controller mode to be permanently announced as SATA2 capable only for any system/OS, that we believe - it should at least allow us to have it working fine with any SATA3 SSD drive (in our case the EVO840) by slowing it down to SATA2/3Gbps transfer rates (we are fine with 300MBps R/W)?

If the option 1) would not be possible, please advise, how to extract and edit the Samsung’s EVO840 firmware, to make it permanently SATA2 drive alike that would operate properly with the crappy ASUS R700VM AHCI implementation.

any other ideas?


@ network user:
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It is no problem to unzip the downloaded BIOS file. Its name is K45VM-AS.230.
Since the demanded enhanced SATA3 support of the SATA ports requires a modification of the BIOS system modules, I am not able to help you. I recommend to contact the ASUS support.

Since Samsung’s EVO 840 Firmware is within the SSD and not within the mainboard BIOS, I cannot help you regarding this problem. Although I doubt, that they will do it, you may ask Samsung for a special EVO 840 Firmware, which will only support the SATA2 mode.


Has your friend tried changing in BIOS -> Advanced -> SATA configuration -> SATA Controller Speed = Gen2 (should be safe) and possibly above this, Aggressive LPM Support = Disabled (possibly safe, don’t know)?
I don’t think he will be willing to risk his laptop for the SSD to work, so the above is his safest (maybe!) bet.

that actually sounded reasonable, however there are no such options in the RV700VM BIOSes - even with the most recent update from 2014.12.19 of version 2.34 - it still impossible to run this disk unfortunately.

I’m out of ideas, while some folks said that it is because of the incompatibility between the ASUSe’s RV700VM mainboard/hdd controller firmware and the actual SSD controller, but they reffered to Sandforce SF-2281, while I’m pretty sure that in the EVO 840 has the Samsung MEX controller that has nothing to with the Sandforces, while it is rather the MDX and MCX evolution and that MCXes were running the previous line of 830’s Samsung SSD from 2011 and the 830’s SSDs line were widely reported as working fine with the RV700VM ASUSes. Basically we are stuck with Samsung 840EVO SSD not working in RV700VM for strange and unknown reason and we were unable to find any solution for that up to now.