Asus Rampage VI extreme omega 3701 bios mod request

Hi All,

Could someone please mod 3701 bios and add the latest cpu micro code for 9980XE?


Extract BIOS region from CAPSULE bios with UEFI toolNEA, update mcodes with MMTool 5.x on volume 5 and 6, replace with UEFI tool0.28 the updated bios region to the CAPSULE bios file, rename to USB BFB (R6EO.CAP).

EDIT: CPUMicrocodes/Intel at master · platomav/CPUMicrocodes (

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Thanks MeatWar.

I’ll do a try. Although, I’ve never done it before but it doesn’t sound to difficult.

I suppose I can get the right micro codes from this forum. I’ll research it.

Edit: Thanks for the links.:+1:

Thanks again,