Asus ROG GL753V unlocked voltage on GTX1050TI

Hi guys, newcomer here with some success!

I have an old gaming laptop that just sits around so I wanted to let it mine Eth coins, only big issue was it would always run at over 90c and there was no way to lower the max power because it is locked

I spent all of yesterday learning about bios modding, I found out about how the laptops VGA bios are stored in the main bios and how to extract it and modify it using this app;
MobilePascalTDPTweaker (Not allowed to link(new user))

I had issues with using Ez flash, it simply wouldn’t let me I guess some sort of protection.

Then I used Flashrom in Ubuntu, which had reported a different rom size which is figured is because it was trying to write everything so I took a copy of the whole 8.6mb rom with that and then modified that full rom instead of the 6mb one I got from the Asus website.

It still couldn’t flash but I used AFUWIN in Windows 10 to flash the whole 8mb rom and it was successful, now I have full control over the GPU power and it runs at 60c full load with the same hashrate.

There was a slight issue with the power controls though, even though I used the TDP Tweaker app to set correct values the voltage slider lets you go from 0 to 10K which probably isn’t exactly safe, but other than that it does work so I’m not bothered.

well congratulations.does not really “updates” the vbios but changing its running values (may shorten its life)

Mobile Pascal TDP Tweaker (last update dated 8 Jul 2019)

more info;
Windows application designed to read and raise thermal design power (TDP) values of video BIOS that is based on Nvidia Pascal and Turing architecture; provided up to 20% extra graphics performance in computation and gaming
requirement:.NET Framework 4.6.1
Support reading and modifying vBIOS TDP values for mobile Pascal and Turing cards
Support standalone 32-bit checksum correction
Embedded base converter

latest bios version is 308 (dated 2019/06/06)

you may want to update your bios modules aswell