ASUS RTX 2080 in ASUS RTX 2080 Super

Hi everybody! I have a ROG-STRIX-RTX2080-O8G-GAMING. Do you think it is possible to turn the RTX 2080 into the RTX 2080 Super by flashing the BIOS. Of course, I think that this procedure is questionable, but I still wanted to hear your opinion. Thank. Lost_N_BIOS Hello!
Of course, this is possible if you edit Device Id and Subsystem Id

RTX 2080 Device Id: 10DE 1E87 Subsystem Id: 1043 865F
RTX 2080 Super Device Id: 10DE 1E81 Subsystem Id: 1043 8711

ASUS RTX 2080.rar (331 KB)

ASUS RTX 2080 Super.rar (330 KB)

@Dagal - Hey!!
Only way to know is to Google and see if anyone tried yet, if not flash it and find the outcome Only do this if you have second card to use to reflash this main card in case it’s a brick
I would imaging you do not even need to edit the ID’s, if you use the right/special NVFlash. Also, if you do edit anything, that would = brick due to Nvidia signing BIOS with encrypted hash now, so don’t edit anything.

@Lost_N_BIOS thanks for the info. I didn’t know that nvidea uses an encrypted cache in the BIOS, but this is probably for Founders Edition video cards, and not for ASUS.
This is most likely a stupid idea, since the RTX 2080 uses a TU 104-400A chip.
And the RTX 2080 Super uses the TU 104-450 chip.
If you go this way, then you can update to TITAN RTX through BIOS updates.