Asus T100 AMI UEFI Bios 32 bit to 64 bit.

Asus and other Tablet makers left first gen tablets crippled. 64 bit stuck with 32 UEFI. making Linux almost impossible, and never put out a update even after petition on
I found a tablet maker that did though. Aava Inari 5,8 and 10 all intel atom baytrail t chipsets. I got the bios upgrade, install pdf and bundled it with latest T100 bios rom 9.6mb.
tooled around update without tools and found Insyde and Dell board supported. Figure a value change and and ia64 page patch. any ideas??? anyone who used Easy AMI UEFI BIOS Modding:
Use of the “UEFI BIOS Updater” (UBU)
or How to manually extract/replace/insert BIOS modules tools?
T100 is AMI Aptio, all firmware hardware drivers are different wifi, touch and display from inari5. but they’re on t100 bios.

@Reef013 :
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Is it just your interest in newer and maybe better features or is there any specific reason why you want to modify the BIOS of your tablet?
As you surely know there is a big chance to brick your tablet completely by flashing a modded BIOS.

Since I am not an expert in doing this sort of BIOS modding, I cannot help you myself. Nevertheless I wish you good luck!

Dieter (alias Fernando)

SOC, system on chip should mean that uefi 64 asus tablets are backwards compatable, with earlier versions??

Yeah Fernando, the big win would be coreboot with Tianocore but, I don’t know how to get to firmware soc tables or EC microcode that would be required…so modded AMI is the way to go. Besides this is for 500 plus people. lol

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