ASUS TP412UA BIOS Request / Help with UEFI Tool

Hi all and thank you for your help so far. Please I have 2 requests and 2nd is more important then the first.

1. Request for BIOS for ASUS TP412UA Motherboard.
Attached are 3 files related to it:
File 1 is Dump from original BIOS.
File 2 is I’ve cleaned the Intel ME region from my Dump.
File 4 is Downloaded BIOS from ASUS website to make it easy for you.

2. Request is I’ve tried to open the File 4 from above in UEFI Tool and attempted to hopefuly export the BIOS region however I can only see “UEFI Image” instead of “Intel Image” as you would with cleaned ME region BIOS or from a Dump. So I’ve used a Hex Editor to trim down to match both header start and ending to the cleaned and the dump version but I wasn’t able to trim it further and wouldn’t fit in the BIOS as it was refused by the programmer. I use Raspberry Pie to the programmings using flashrom utility. My request is how can I in the future integrate the BIOS from file ASUS website and into my Dump or generate a BIOS file from ASUS’s website.
For this purpose I’ve attached my trimmed down version of the BIOS file which is File 3, but it’s too long. I also make YouTube videos and your help will help me produce the content so others can benefit.

Original fault of the machine for your reference, it turns on and nothing else. It charges battery. No backlight. Caps lock / num lock light when pressed. From watching the fan very closely I can sort of see a loop where it ever so slightly slows down and goes faster again, but faintly, unless I’m imagining.
All voltages are there except Coil Marked on the attached board image which Resistance to ground reading is just above 3 Ohms which I suspect is normal.

Under thermal camera all look good nothing out of ordinary. CPU does start to get warm over time which is normal hence the fan spinning afterwards.

If this may help anyone, here is a data log of the state of the BIOS when:

Charger is plugged in, up to 30 seconds of recording, here is the video:

When the Power button is pressed. Up 2 minutes of recording, here is the video:

Thank you in advance.

File 1 - (5.33 MB)

File 2 - (5.13 MB)

File 3 - (5.27 MB)

File 4 - (5.29 MB)