ASUS TUF FX505GT Bricked

Hello there, as the title said, my tuf fx505gt is dead after my attempt to fix the Intel ME (might accidentally connected the soic8 clip backward).
Now when I plug in the battery the keyboard backlight lights up but nothing when press power button and the bios chip get super hot.
Is there a chance that I shorted something and now my machine is completely unfixable?

Edit to provide more information:
So I decided to get my CH341A programmer and reprogrammed the board with Cleaned ME and I accidentally connected clip backward, I was aware of it so I reconnected the clip the right way, but after programming and connecting the battery, the symptom above happens. The chip itself is still regconized by the programmer though.

Fixed the ME why, how, what sources, method used…
CH341 and not FPT tool why… access locked…
Original dumps of the SPI even corrupted before the programming, current dumps verification…

Maybe then some one can help you.

So this laptop’s bios has been corrupted once by failing bios upgrade, so I took it to a repair shop and they was able to get it working again, but Intel ME was corrupted (evidently by no Intel Management Engine interface on device manager and no TPM also, and I need TPM for Windows 11) . So I tried to fix it by cleaning the ME using this method and I used FPT tool at first, FD was unlocked so flash was successful but still no ME. So I decided to get myself a CH341A programmer and flash it again, but accidentely connected the clip backward and leave it for like 3 seconds, And then I realized I was connecting the clip backward so I immidiately unclip and reclip it corretly. The flash was sucessful but after I connect the battery the keyboard backlight turned on, laptop won’t response to power button and the bios chip get very hot.

Here are the files:
BIOS I flashed
BIOS dump before flashing
I’m pretty sure none of them are corrupted.

Before any more info on flash, we can stop right here with the SPI issue getting “very hot”.
You now have a defective SPI or short in the connected circuit to it.
From my opinion nothing more to add, get it to a decent repair shop that can deal with hw pcb analisys/repair, not a common shop that only do OS maintenance and cleaning dust, if you know what i mean…
Good luck over n out.

Link requires login?

My bad. This should be fixed now.

ch341dump.bin is corrupt, see pic- DXE driver volume can’t be uncompressed.

spi2.bin sems OK regarding the static parts of the bios.
NVRam looks OK (but still might be corrupted).
A lot of differences in ME config, someone tried to enable AMT/vpro, seems rather ‘optimistic’ for this hardware…

Machine specific information is identical in both dumps