ASUS UX360CEK problem with BIOS

Hello there, I have a problem with my notebook ASUS ux360c, I got it from my brother he want to throw it away but I gave it a shot to fix it.

When I got it ASUS wasnt turning on, it was just blinking leds, no image, caps lock button led was on constantly. I disassembled it and desoldered bios chip it is winbond 25q64fviq, I was able to read data from it with use of this tutorial [Guide] Recover from failed BIOS flash using Raspberry PI then I was able to flash new bin file I found in internet, I checked paramteters it was m3 7-gen and it worked,

ASUS turns on BUT there are issues, I don’t have windows key, also there is no serial number of notebook, boot takes loooong time, when I press power button it takes 22-25 seconds jut to show ASUS post screen then windows starts normally but when it goes to sleep and I try to wake it up there is blank screen with backlight on and I have to hard reset it and again wait 25 seconds to boot :confused:

So I guess I have still problems with bios but I don’t know what to do, I have my old (bricked) bin file also I have one I flashed and newest bios from asus website but it is in .313 format and I don’t even know what is that :o

My question is how can I restore all missing info into new bios bin file and is there a posibility to do that without desoldering chip ?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

I tried to clear ME region with Intel ME/TXE injector and programed chip again but still same problem :confused: