ASUS V222UA Rev2.0 BIOS corrupted need help

My ASUS Vivo AiO V222 with a i3-8130U built-in CPU boot blank screen. The motherboard shows V222UA Rev2.0 which has a Winbond w25q64jvssiq SPI BIOS chip. I backed up the BIOS with CH341A programmer. B.t.w, the CH341A flash tool has no w25q64jvssiq chip option, select the detect button pops w25q64bv and w25q64fv options, I used the w25q64bv and made a bios dump.
w25q64jv bios dump
The ASUS official bios linked below.
BIOS from ASUS website
Please help me recover my bios. Thanks in advance.

Asus files are not complete bios images as do not contain FD and ME, merge them, look on forum for other users Asus recovery as you need to save the system factory data on to the new image to program.

EDIT: This is no bios mod, this is tech work and we cant all do what professionals do for living, so no surprise if users can do such work, so sry but i can only point some directions, not to do such work.
You can wait some one willing to, good luck.

Thanks for replying. I am a noob of bios modding. Care to help? I googled the bios chip and found out I should use NeoProgrammer which supports the chip while asprogrammer and CH341a tool 1.43 does not.
There is a bios linked below I cannot download.…red-bin.157421/