Asus VivoBook S15 X510UAR

I’m looking for a way to restore the bios via a bootable USB stick (Hoping I’m not in the wrong section).
I have download it from Asus and obtain a file named X510UAR-AS.310 but don’t know the procedure and way to do it.
Please give detail explanations. Many thanks in advance for any advices. Nice day

Anybody ?

See these two threads for possible solutions…ry-instructions…ile-programming

And, see AMI area on post #16 here…s-update-2.html

Try with multiple copies of the BIOS on USB, using names given in above links (generic ones like AMIBOOT.ROM)
And the following which are specific to your BIOS/model>> X510UAR.ROM, X510UAR.CAP, 1ATQO036.rom (That’s O then Zero)

Some laptops recovery methods do not work, you may need CH341A + SOIC8 Test clip with cable to recover, let me know if you need linked examples

Thanks for the reply I have all in hands to do the job.

@Coleo - So you have flash programmer already?
If yes, tell me the BIOS chip ID, so I can tell you what software/version may be best to use for read and write, and then once I reply back you dump chip and send me contents and then I will fix new BIOS for you to program back.

@Lost-N-BIOS, no I haven’t but a guy (A pro), helped me when I asked for a service, has already done the job with no fee. Impossible to flash with USB after many tries to rename the bios file. Finally he desoldier the chip and use the SPI programmer to flash it. Back in the laptop all is ok now. Thanks for your help. Nice day.

@Coleo - Great to hear all working again now! Did he preserve your serial, UUID, Lan MAC ID >> if Ethernet port is on this model, is your Ethernet LAN working or not?

Also, see this thread, if you want fully unlocked BIOS -
[Solved - BIOS Unlock] ASUS VivoBook F510UA/X510UAR (4)

Sorry for the late reply I haven’t an Ethernet port to connect RJ45 cable only WIFI connection. Did he preserve serial, UUID, Lan MAC ID ? yes as I can find them with HWINFO.

@Coleo - Then no need to worry about LAN MAC ID, this only applies to Ethernet system
Good to hear serial and UUID is in place, you found a nice repair guy then Many repair guys don’t care, program in stock BIOS and say here you go, now pay me this exorbitant amount