ASUS WS C621E SAGE WS Memory Timings Override

Hello Gents,
i was trying to unlock my WS c621E biose to modify my memory timings , when i explored my bios file WS C621E SAGE BIOS 6801 by AMIBCP i found memory timing setion is already there not locked or hidden. but i cannot find this option in my bois as shown in the photos .
how i can make this memory timings visable ??

thanks in advance

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UEFI-Editor: Aptio V UEFI Editor (](GitHub - BoringBoredom/UEFI-Editor: Aptio V UEFI Editor)

EDIT: Of course that EZ-Flash fails… all mods will as it detects tampered files as not official. Asus USB BFB will ignore this or Intel FPT tool bios_region only, if access unlock to regions.

thanks for your help , i tried this method but it will not be handy for me , i need to unhide the hole hidden section and make it visible in the bios.
i tried to modding my biose but i coudn’t flash it using ez-flash. will find another way

thans for the advise .
i flashed the modded version by ASUS USB BFB successfuly and booted with no errors but once i hit DEL to enter the bios window i am getting a black screen.

Meatwar, is there any other method to unhide biose menues , i tried the method you shared multible times but every time i can boot normally but i cannot access my bios screen
thank you very much for the help

Thats because you’re touching/unlocking something that bios doesnt like to be touch… this is now a user task to debug it.

How to change hidden settings without flashing a modded BIOS:

BoringBoredom/UEFI-Editor: Aptio V UEFI Editor (

The tool doesnt care or know the “can do/cant do” of a motherboard model bios, it only shows the possible options but thats it, if the user fails… nothing more to add to you, good luck.