Asus x202e bios recovery


I was using a modded BIOS for a while, where I un-hidden many advanced menus.

Yesterday, I changed “ME FW Image Re-Flash” setting from disabled to enabled, and after saving settings and powering the machine off, the laptop cannot boot again.

I’m attaching dump of the flash after the breakage.

How can I clear clear saved BIOS settings in this dump to write it again?


x202e not booting (3.7 MB)

If this is really the only change you made reverting this setting might work?

Thank you very much. It’s revived now.

Can you explain how it was done?

Thanks for the feedback!

Search for setup, extract:

Use Universal IFR Extractor on it, search for the setting:

Check store name an size:

Find setup in NVRAM- 2 locations, one link, one data, first one refrences to next one “Next node at offset: 33A6h” Check body size: 2C9h (713) - identical to reference in store size given in IFR Extractor

Next occurence, check offset - correct, no links to other nodes

Body hex view- check value for offset 262 - 1 = enabled that corresponds to your description

Open the complete dump in a hex editor, set this bit back to “0”, double check that you were in the right position. Give it a try

(The data and link method used by this firmware is not the only way to handle this, some bioses just write a new entry and change the header of the old entry making it showing up as ‘invalid’)

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That’s a fantastic explanation, thanks!