Asus x551ca risen by spi, but without serial and macaddress

Hi Guys,
I have Asus x551ca-sx024d with aptio bios.

The computer will have risen by spi programmer for bricked bios

In bios display did’t appears system information and serial number.
Lan in system has’t mac address

Laptop has many adhesives in extern case and inside (on mainboard).

sincerely thanks,

@ seawea:

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I recommend to ask ASUS for a new BIOS chip, but maybe you get help here by a Forum member.


Thanks Fernando, and in new chip the module lan how to load? thanks

When you get a new BIOS chip, just insert it onto the mainboard and you should be able to enter the BIOS after having powered on the system.


Here you will find what you need to do, compiled by our member CodeRush. For laptops, normally you will find SN and UUID on the back of the it, the MAC maybe under RAM modules. Consult your laptop’s service manual.