Asus x99-s schematic

I have a x99 board I’m trying to trouble shoot at the moment and am struggling to find schematics has anyone got a board schematic or know the best place to find it

@Jonno - Ask here, if they reply with schematic I think you have to pay $2-4 for 1 day access

Here is X99-A schematic at that site, it may be similar enough to help you, depending on what you need to see…-rev-101.40073/

Here is X99-S BIOS thread, maybe make account, reply and ask for boardview and or schematic here

Other boardview files…view-bios.5018/ << I think “-A” variant will be most similar, but not 100% sure…-cap-boardview/

And here, I found and packaged following for you
ASUS X99-A (REPAIR GUIDE) - Similar to schematic, for “Some” stuff, may work for what you need?

To view boardview files, you will need a boardview program/viewer (also included compatible boardview program)
Boardview is like 3D schematic, you can scroll around on the board, and hover/highlight/click on items and view what they are/info about them etc.
Open program, then expand window, before you open the boardview files, that way board is at it’s largest when you open the file…965182715493667

Thanks your awesome massive appreciation I will check these out once I’ve set up my pc again I’ve had to move some things around due to Christmas lol much appreciation as always