Asus X99-WS BIOS bricked

Hi all,

I have been reading and testing all possible workarounds to resolve the Q-Code 00 of death WO much success. When I power on the MoBo the fans spins for a second and next the system turn itself off and starts all over again on a endless loop.

The content of my BIOS chip was bricked for a reason unknown to me and could not make a backup out of it. The only thing I have is the MAC sticker, the product SN of 12 characters and another sticker with a number of this sort: 000 xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxx. I could regenerate the UUID via web generator (not sure I that is the correct way to do it tho).

Side note:
- My chip is a Windbond W25Q125FV.
- I do have a GQ-4x4 Programmer.

I am nearly to give up on the topic as I think I have tried all I could therefore, I kindly ask a good Samaritan to support this poor soul.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Well if u think that ur issue is the bios broken and u need to re-programme it again, grab the CAP, extract the Intel Image from it, u can use UEFITool, this is wot to flash.
For motherboard data u can use FD44Editor for Asus motherboards and fill the original data that u have on the above mentioned extracted file.

Flash chips in VSCC table:
C84018 (GigaDevice GD25x128)
C22018 (Macronix MX25L128)
EF4018 (Winbond W25Q128)
EF6018 (Winbond W25Q128)

A noteā€¦ this issue u stated is not always a bios issue, usually its HW VRM problem on the motherboard.

MeatWar, thanks a lot for commenting the case.

I did all those steps you mentioned already but the issue persist (I should have put that earlier).

Good point about the VRM, one thing I noticed is that removing the +12Vcc for the CPU I still have 00 but system is not looping anymore.

My doubt would be in regards of the SN to burn in the .BIN file, is that critical? I have two possible candidates one SN with x12 characters then I burn in as MT7XXXXXXXXXXXX but I also have that other sticker with 000 xxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxx then would the SN to burn in be like MT7xxxxxx-xxxxx-x?

Thank you one more time!