ASUS x99-ws/IPMI Xeon Turbo Mod

Can anybody help me figure out how to enable turbo mode on all cores of my Xeon E5-2670v3 CPU on this motherboard? My BIOS version is 4001. I have read so many instructions on BIOS mods online but none seem to be specific to this board. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Alternatively, if anyone has an already modded BIOS for this board and is willing to share, I will appreciate. Thanks

Try,ASUS USB BIOS Flashback

I’m in the same boat. The link is dead and would appreciate another upload. Mind uploading it again?

Appreciate it.

@jordanpchome - Can you please re- that file, or was it a fail so you removed?

@jordanpchome - Thanks, maybe not needed now, unsure? I went ahead and made user 2x BIOS to test