Asus Z170 pro gaming - Enable Intel AMT hidden menu


I have an Asus Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard with Intel i5 6600 (non K variant) CPU with UEFI version 3805. Intel ME version is 11.8.

The PC is however used by my father in my home town. Sometimes he calls me for technical assistance via Teamviewer. So I thought of enabling Intel AMT in my motherboard for the KVM functionality. I will be be using SSH tunneling for accessing the VNC server running on the motherboard.

I went through other threads in the forum and am little bit scared to enable the hidden menu options for Intel AMT. Please forgive me for creating a new thread for the same. I couldn’t see any specific thread related to my motherboard.

I am planning to do the following procedure for modding UEFI. Please correct me if I am wrong.

1. Open the afuwin64 utility and backup the existing UEFI/BIOS to hard disc
2. Open amibcp, open the stock update file (downloaded from Asus’ website), change the access/use option to User for every menu (AMT Configuration) and sub menus, save the changes as a new file.
3. Flash the modified file via Ezflash 3 after entering the UEFI setup. I have also read that afuwin64 can be used instead of Ezflash 3. This is confusing.

If everything goes well, I will see Intel AMT configuration menu in the UEFI setup.

I also have an MSI laptop in which I was able to see the hidden menu using a key combination. Unfortunately I am not able to find any such key combination for Asus Z170 pro gaming motherboard so that I can avoid modifying UEFI update file.

Any help in this regard is very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Vysakh P


Z170 => no vpro = no AMT support…70-chipset.html

@lfb6 Thanks for the reply. I saw a hidden menu for “AMT configuration” in amibcp but I didn’t check the Intel Ark.