Asus Z390 Prime-A -bios ver 1902

Hello guys, i’ve been trying to unlock many hidden settings in my asus motherboard but i went unlucky :slight_smile:
I wont type all the settings because its not just hpet so i’ve attached zip file that contains bios with all settings i want unlocked but its capsule is corruped, original untouched bios from asus site, and also AMITSESetupData . i have been using st1cky’s youtube guide with his patched 5.02.31 amibcp version, and after all atempts even if setupdata size matches , ezflash3 says its not proper bios file. Also tried afudos method but after reboot its just same bios. Can someone help me pleaaaase :smiley:
File link :

I would like to say thank you BDmaster for effort and time t, i dont have enought rights to reply on that pm so atleast i will say thank you here. Anyway, i configured my hidden bios settings via winsce and i dont need modified bios anymore. But once again thank you for effort :slight_smile: