ASUS Z77-A success (adding NVMe support for Samsung 970 EVO)

Hello, I would like to report successful flashing of modded bios adding NVMe support on my ASUS Z77-A motherboard.

I have followed great “How to get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS” guide to prepare modded bios with NVMe support without any troubles.
I have used 0701 BIOS from as a base.

I had some troubles flashing BIOS.
Using UEFI (official) way to update BIOS failed with modded BIOS.
Using AMI tools to flash modded BIOS failed as well (even with older AMI and /GAN option).
I was finally successful using ASUS AI Suite 2 selecting original BIOS and replacing it with modded in second step (as described in “Guide for ASUS mainboards with an AMI UEFI BIOS” section B).

Now I can use AXAGON PCEM2-S PCIe adapter with Samsung 970 EVO SSD (500GB) as a bootable device (having Windows 10 installed in there).

Hello Retro,
yesterday I got my SAMSUNG 970 and the prior modden SABERTOOTH Z77 BIOS is unable to boot from NVMe Drive!
If I run my Win 10 Pro X64, I see the new NVMe drive but if I try to install windows (Booting from USB Stick),
I can select the NVMe drive but widows telling me, that this drive is not botable and cannot install the OS!
What can I do to make this shit botable?

Maybe you can help me…

To be able to get Win10 installed onto the NVMe SSD, you should
1. disable the “Secure Boot” and “Fast Boot” options within the BIOS,
2. enable the option to load UEFI modules within the BIOS and
2. boot off the USB Flash Drive with the OS Image in UEFI mode.
Precondition: You can see a Disk Drive named “PATA” or “PATA SS” within the BIOS.

Hello, could you share the modified bios for the asus z77 A motherboard? Thanks