Asus Z87 boards and TPM 2.0

Asus have released updated BIOSes for a few of their Z87-based motherboards to support their new(er) TPM-L R2.0 TPM 2.0 module, but some boards haven’t received the update.

For example, the Sabertooth Z87 ( got the update - I’ve checked the latest BIOS in UEFITool and there are additional modules like Tpm20PlatformDxe, Tpm20Acpi, etc - but my Z87-Pro ( didn’t get it. Both boards have the same TPM module header - in fact both boards are very similar in general.

I don’t know a lot about BIOS modding! Does anyone know if it’s possible to mod the Z87-Pro BIOS to support the newer TPM module?


Did you ask them directly, maybe they will send you update. It could be as simple as swapping out all related modules with UEFITool.

Do you have a flash programmer? If not pick one up and we can attempt that, they are cheap but you have to wait a few weeks for shipping unless you pay more for a local seller - pick blue/green one

Thanks for your message and the suggestion! I’ve just sent them a message, but I don’t hold out much hope!

I don’t have a flash programmer, but I’ve been using the DOS-based afudos tool to flash the BIOS up until now (to apply microcode updates due to Meltdown / Spectre), and I’m comfortable with using Asus’s Flashback feature if something goes wrong. Would these be sufficient?

Thanks again

I know what you mean, but sometimes they’ll come through with a BIOS update for you. I’d also go ahead and bug them on facebook and twitter if they and you have accounts there, social media seems to have good results for stuff like this sometimes.
I think you have good hope of a fix from them, since they updated the other boards already. Except, maybe they didn’t update this model because of incompatible TPM chip, not all chips are compatible with TPM2.0, are you sure the other boards and your board have exact same model TPM chip?
If you aren’t sure, maybe try to find good images of one of the other boards in a “Motherboard review” google search.

Flashback may not be sufficient for a failed flash like this may produce, AFU definitely not, only flashback would have a chance from this type of failed flash if it’s not compatible provided it doesn’t brick the board too badly.
Outcome could be simple too, only failure to start TPM if 2.0 fails in this board, but there is always risk of total brick, so it’s best to pickup a programmer first since they are so cheap.