Asus Z87-K Microcode Rev 12 removal (SOLVED)

EDIT: I’ve flashed it using freedos. Now it’s working. Running at rev 7.
I have a problem where as the Microcode for revision 12 will be always there. I just want to use the microcode revision 7. I did manage to replace it and flashed it, but my turbo boost wouldn’t boost to the max, apparently because of the revision 12 interfering? I’ve renamed the mcupdate in the system32 folder as well, but to no avail. I’ve gone through the microcode update and hit a wall with finding the right one to copy and paste in HxD. Can someone who knows how to remove the microcode version 12 remove it? I’m still new to this thing. Thanks!
Capture (5.0 MB)

Microcode 0x12 in separate modules in two PEI volumes for overclocking.

I’m really sorry…I don’t quite understand it…