Asus Z97-WS Bifurcation and Asus Hyper M.2 x16 Card

Greetings all. Been reading the forums for a good while, and finally created an account.

Before I begin making modifications to my firmware/bios, I’m investigating whether or not I could make use of the Asus Hyper M.2 x16 Card. My motherboard, an Asus Z97-WS, has a PLX chip in it (if that helps to know).

Does anyone know, or could you speculate, on whether or not the motherboard listed could make use of the Asus Hyper M.2 x16 Card?

Would I have to make modifications to the firmware/bios to enable that functionality?

Thanks in advance.

You have to check if you got a string in the bios dump file that has anything containing it. What you can also do is use the auto update to which is listed above let it modify and update your bios and see if it contains a string which has that option. If it is not in there am not sure how you can add it. I am trying to do thr same with an options but it is in the bios file but it is hidden and locked I think. If it does contain the option you need to check if it is locked. Otherwise you might be able to unlock it with ifr extractor

No, there is no hidden settings for this on Asus Z97-WS, all you get is what is automatically applied, some slots may do 8x8x, but you’ll have to try each one and see.

Much appreciated. Interesting. So I’m guessing at best all I could do is buy the card and try it out, and if didn’t work, then hopefully return it?

Yes, it may work at some level, but unsure what the bifurcation will be on what slots etc. Some previous users here of other Asus Z97 tested before with a few cards, after wanting the same, you can search Asus Z97 bifurcation and see there comments.