ATA Security

I dont know if this is the right forum but, is it possible to add ATA Security to use self encypting SSD with an p8z68-v pro or any other mainboard in bios? Has anybody done that yet? I am planing to buy a new SSD in future that has hardware encyption, and would like to use that on desktop, but there seems to be non Mainboard supporting HDD Passwords out?! Most Laptops do so, as i know.

Anyone an idea how to add this feature that works on most laptops to dekstop mainboard?

I am sorry, that you didn’t yet get an answer, but I myself have no idea how to help you.

there are several desktop boards supporting the "hard disk password" feature in the bios, at least my Intel DZ87KLT-75k does - however unfortunately only when the SATA controller is set in AHCI or IDE mode, and not in RAID.

Hi n0fear,

i got the same problem…

possible solution: ?

Can anyone tell me/us, if its possible to take this bios rom into the uefi rom from the p8z68-v as an extra module?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It is possible to add it instead of Intel Lan PXE, but according to this, you will have to drop S3 / Stand-by and AHCI.