Attempting to install enterprise class pcie 4 raid/pcie switch/controllers in non bifurcation mobo

so after installing a WD-AN1500 addin card and loving the results I wanted to see if a pcie 4 ver was available-after many tries the closest I came had bootable nvme raid creation/support, was recognized
by bios and windows but only runs half speed 7,000mb/s-This is partly due to my test units only having pcie 4.0 x8 electrical slots instead of the usual x16-I didnt see that as a problem as I am only using 2 m.2 drives butt the initial pcie root complex handshake results shows is connected at 8gt/s-furtther down hwinfo device tree it shows both drives connected at full speed 16gt/s pcie 4 x4 so its not a connection issue and Im sure its because the gpu-wifi-lan-stat-usb are grabbing dibs on some lanes starving the controller-i tried a pcie 3 x2 gpu/rreplacing the boot pcie 4 ssd with a sata drives/removing wifi card.etc with no luck-after researching/remembering a similar past issue I discovered several solutions

  1. rewriting the dsdt table to allocate those lanes first
  2. using diy egpu 1.35 tool to retrain the poie lanes to the cpu and disable wifi-lan-etcx but it only works in bios mode with uefi mode support there but limited (I guess a few peple got uefi mode to work )
  3. use rewrite everything and/or ru.exe to rewrite the pcie lane assignments(mobo has bios guard so probably wont work)
  4. use linux to introduce code for a kernal mod that resets pcie lanes during boot
  5. using nvram mod to update root complex instructions from bios handoff to win10
  6. create option rom and introduce with grub
    specs are 2 dell alienware aurora r12 z490
    i7-11700K 2 I5-11600K 32gb

I noticed when installing a pcie 3 x16 gpu in pcie 4 x8 slot that it connected at the full pcie 3x16 speedt-there is another version of the card that supports 4 m.2 drives at pcie 3 x16 since pcie 4 is backwords compatible that may be my final option
the card has a raid driver with separate controller driver and web based monitoring
and requires an option rom to be installed with grub that doesnt trigger bootguard
its main feature is it supports non bifurcation mobos
Im hoping for any suggestions and not crickets (silence) with a suitable award pending-If an official request to hire an individual as this is a legitimate projected funded by my company, Im game
thank you for your time