Attempting to install Win7 on 11th Gen Intel

Hello people. I want to install Windows 7 on my PC I recently upgraded. I got an ASUS PRIME Z590-P & i5 11600k.
So far I’ve tried turning on all legacy options in the BIOS I could find, using my previous install of Win7, installing both a completely clean install as well as an edited .iso which I used for my previous i5 7600k. Using the same Windows install resulted in BSoD with 0x00000A5 errors, and new installs where stuck on a black screen with a blinking ‘_’.
I have limited knowledge on these things, only successfully getting Win7 working on a 7th gen CPU.
Looked around a few places as well as the forums and found a few links and tutorials (can’t post because new member), but I’d like to ask you people in case anybody has knowledge or experience about my situation before I try any of them as these seem to be either for older CPU generations or might not be what I’m actually looking for.
Any help is appreciated!)

I managed to get w7 to install on a B560 board earlier this year, the next time i tried i couldnt :(. my 1st attempt was using dvd disc, ps/2 rodent and kb and a usb2 card and was a total pain in the backside. in my honest opinion you would be better off trying windows 8.1 instead, see these links - link 1 link 2

I had zero issues installing it with an 8th gen Intel on a z390 FWIW. Standard install.

but OP is trying to install & run Win7 on 11th gen Intel hardware and not 8th gen Intel