Audio Drivers (HDA/UAD)

Realtek HDA
This is the latest FF00 (fully generic) version of the realtek hda driver.Win7 and up 32bit&64bit.Considered old school,one fit for all type

Xp users please try this one,Realtek HDA v8186 or Windows 2000, Windows XP/2003(32/64 bits)
If your device is older, Intel Realtek ALCxxx Driver (Archive) or Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio
OpenAl driver v1.1 (cross-platform 3D audio API) some apps and games uses this (Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition.
Battlefield 2 etc) get more information here
OpenAL Soft v1.21.1 (updated Win32 and Win64 binaries 4.2.2021)

Realtek UAD generic pal1000’s (new type,also works for old school hda)
Realtek UAD driver mod should install and function properly on all systems supporting Realtek Legacy HDA FF00 drivers that don’t rely on any special audio enhancements. If used with devices relying on special audio enhancements functionality and feature set available may be limited.New type of driver,customised to fit all,therefore not so will loose your audio enhancement app but gain Realtek’s own control panel in return

Microsoft is also offering generic UAD drivers

Sound Blaster drivers
Sound Blaster Audigy Console v1.20.22
Sound Blaster Live! XP
Sound Blaster Audigy 4 Driver v3.01.0050
Sound Blaster 4 Driver v3.01.0050
Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Driver v2.40.0016
Sound Blaster X-Fi Driver v2.18.0015
SoundMAX Driver v6.10.2.5140 (Win7 up)
SoundMAX Driver v6.10.02.6110 (Win10 64bits)
SoundMAX for XP

If you are not sure/confused which driver you should grab or your audio drivers are not being updated by your manufacturer anymore,one of these options are for you
I recommend using manual update method (browse for driver,show the floder you have downloaded).Restart when done
if your original driver files from manufacturer includes IntelSST for example, using setup will delete that aswell,leaving you to look for whats missing (? in device manager and/or broken sound,although usually windows will grab one automatically (from win update), possibly you already have it from installing intel graphics driver in your driver storage)

thanks to Majorgeeks,Fdrsoft,Pacman (and the rest from the stationdrivers) and pal1000 for making it possible
I merely trying to guide you to the right direction

Spreadsheet for the optional audio enhancer apps (Fxsound,SRS,Sonic,Viper and others)
Audio Enhancers
ASIO4ALL - Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio 2.14

K-Lite Codec Pack Mega
K-Lite Codec Pack Mega v13.8.5 for XP sp3
Media Foundation Codecs For Windows 10 (HECV,VP9,AV1…and others)
Additional Media Foundation Codecs (Xp and up)

Microsoft DirectX 9 Full June 2010
DirectX Legacy
Microsoft DirectX Control Panel 9.0c (XP)

The latest supported Visual C++ downloads

And as a rule of thumb,keep your apps,bios and drivers updated

It ssems like you did some with the Realtek drivers and maybe can help me.
I own an ASRock B550 Steel Legend now and its ALC1220 together with the front output headphone ampt sounds really good after some EQ.
My case has an old AC97 front panel and even when i set this correctly in the UEFI it won’t be detected.
This means headphone and line out are not different devices but run in paralell as soon i install an UAD nahimic Realtek driver.
Without any driver install Windows detects a HDA device and offers correctly 2 seperate outputs as line out and headphone.
I guess it sounds the same as if i install the driver but i am curious what the fault is.
Is the AC97 panel no more supported in the new drivers or can this even be an UEFI problem?

your setup cames with UAD with Mahimic app,
and yes you can still use this (#1) driver version (old school HDA) without problem except you may not be able to use Mahimic app,
most of the time new bios version includes bug fixes and newer drivers (roms),microcodes try updating your bios to the latest first (v 1.80 in your case)
as an alternative,you can try pal1000’s generic UAD,but again,you wont be able to use Mahimic,although this time you will be able to use Realtek’s new sound control panel app
if windows has already installed HDA before,and you are trying to update with UAD that can cause some complications,you need to disconnect your net,get rid of those files and then try Asrock UAD again (may need an app like DriverExplorer),
that being said,it can be simply Mahimic’s fault (its kinda picky/tend to be faulty),new version can fix it all

Good ideas, thanks.
Indeed the ASRock standard HDA driverm works but the headphone runs in paralell also.
Must be some general problem then.
I don’t need or like the nahimic stuff and removing it was really a pita!
I will try to play with pal1000 drivers later.

UAD drivers are intended for use on present-day PCs and run on late 64bit Win10 forms just (UAD drivers don’t uphold nor work on more established renditions of Windows as they need in any event the Win10 v1703 Creators update discharge) UAD drivers show up in x64 (64bit) design just - no 32bit/x86 versions of UAD drivers will be delivered (and it would not bode well to do as such)

the conventional/heritage HDA or non-UAD drivers uphold a wide assortment of Realtek HD sound gadgets from old PCs to new ones - HDA drivers introduce and work on a wide range of Windows renditions as ahead of schedule as Windows Vista and up to the latest Windows 10 variant. HDA drivers come in both 32bit and 64bit releases.

I have read my post again to see if it was not clear enough but yes, UAD version will work on a pc which comes with HDA version and vice versa
be advised,might need some cleaning beforehand. DriverStoreExplorer
as a rule of rule of thumb always use up to date OS

Is it support for creative vibra128 pci soundcard?

8186 is not compatible with XP based systems as it’s for Vista & above

latest WHQL certified XP Realtek HDA driver is from Microstar International (MSI)
7282 has a driver date of late June 2014 but was WHQL’ed by Microsoft in early May 2015. compatible with Win2000, XP & 2003.
generic package - meaning it can be installed on any other PC besides MSI that use Realtek HDA hardware

Can you help me please? I can’t find Audio drivers for HP ProBook 450 G7 on windows 7 :frowning:
They are just for windows 10 but I need for win 7,
The device id is something like this: PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_02C8 , if I not mistake driver is by Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R) SST) Audio Controller
please help me, will be very apreciate.

Thank you!!

Ur Audio device should be Realtek

EDIT: Share ur complete model ID of the machine and a HWinfo report. The PCI ID u shared is the Intel Audio bus, not the audio codec to use.
A default search without specific model give us this:…mId/ob-272726-1
So thats why Realtek was my initial statement

U can try option 2/3 script file in this link to identify codec:…your-audio.html

EDIT: Sry… but all 8086 is Intel device. On top of that work s a codec ID

@MeatWar I tried few Realtek drivers to install but not working, can you help me please to choose the correct driver?

Thank you!

@MeatWar complete ID is:


Thank you!

@MeatWar it seems to be:

Thank you!

See… its the Realtek ALC236 (VEN_10EC&DEV_0236)…codecs-software
Its the Realtek generic official PKG_R282

A note:

@MeatWar I don’t know why but not working, in that Note added by you it seems to be problem only for XP but not and for windows 7. In windows 7 installer worked good.
I downloaded the driver and then run installer, clicked on steps and after installer ends, restarted, after restarting nothing happening, and the driver showing that is not installed.

Found some information about List of Compatible Device Ids for realtek driver R.2.82 here:

but in that list can’t to find my ID: (VEN_10EC&DEV_0236&SUBSYS_103C86A0) is just VEN & DEV ok, but that SUBSYS number is not in the list, maybe this driver is not for my Laptop? or I do something wrong :frowning:

Cant help then, the notebook was designed for modern OS.
The SUBSYS is HP related, doesn’t matter for working audio and the generic driver works on all system based on 10EC 0236 only.
Search in dedicated audio forums for a possible HDA mod driver (Not UAD)

Try this one, if not successful got to the forum in link below:…-intel-nuc.html…ersion-135.html

Ok, Thank’s @MeatWar , have a nice day!

Hello, I tried searching the forum but found nothing, so I decided to ask in this thread. Is there a generic USB audio driver for Windows 7 that supports USB Audio Class 2? A lot of audio devices now use UAC2 and unfortunately Windows 7/8 only support UAC1.

By the way, I managed to find a suitable Win7/8 driver for the Schiit Modi 3 - it uses a C-Media chipset (not sure which in particular). Hopefully someone finds this helpful in the future.
Hardware IDs:

I have found two in microsoft catalog;

C-media win7 driver
C-media win8 driver

Official Schiit USB Gen2 Drivers 1.03 win7/8 driver

I recommend trying the official one first, if had problems you can try microsoft’s replacement

Make sure your windows is up-to-date

Thanks, Schiit updated their page since I last checked. Their driver is preferable to the one from station-drivers.