Automate applying BIOS settings

I have a lot of servers running the same motherboard with the same kind of BIOS. I want to apply certain BIOS settings automatically without having to dig into BIOS setup. They are all running Gigabyte B360 HD3P boards, which has AMI Aptio V based BIOS. Is applying these settings as easy as dumping the BIOS from the flash chip, doing the changes, dumping again, then generating the diff of the binary file dumps, and using that diff to patch the BIOS and write it back on every other machine? Are there any caveats to doing this kind of an approach? The boards come equipped with a backup BIOS chip in case I make a mistake, so it’s not high stakes or anything.

From the diffs of the binary dumps, I can see quite a few changes sprinkled all over the place. Can someone who is familiar with the layout of AMI BIOSes help me make sense of which of these changes actually matter, and which are just random changes, so I can clean the diff up? I will put up the relevant files here if you want to see them.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I came up with another potential idea: find out the list of things that make a BIOS dump unique, such as
- MAC address
(yeah that’s all I could come up with :P)
then take my working BIOS dump with all the settings preapplied and simply patch the unique info on top of it, then flash it onto the board.

If someone could provide me a list of such things, it would be super appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

Why not saving the bios profile to a flash drive? You can load it on every machine with a few klicks.

@oldirdey that’s not an option, I wanna automate this as much as possible. Pretty much wanna avoid even entering the bios settings