Backing up and flash Sony Vaio Pro 13 bioses

Hi guys, not know if I’m at the right place or even if you guys can help but I hope so…

Here is my case, I own three Sony Vaio Pro 13 + one spare Mainboard and unfortunately two of the boards have gone bad.
1 SVP13 i7, 8GB ram is working (Bios already modded using Fernando’s Nvme Guide)
1 SVP13 i3, 8GB ram is working (original Bios)
2 Boards i7, 8GB ram NOT working (original Bios)

I’m a litlle stuck and that’s why I came for help.

What I tried already:
Install both BAD Boards on a working Laptop but no luck, Laptop goes on when I press Power or Assist keys but screen stays black, fan spins slowly at first, than full throttle and nothing more happens…
When pressing ASSIST kay Laptop should go to Bios but nothing happens.
put the GOOD Boards back and both Laptops work again.

No image on external display either but that already happens with some laptops that will only change to external monitor after computer OS is running.
Ram is onboard so I can’t unplug/ plug/ change to test it.

I read already in some places that it can be corrupted Bios or bad Bios Chip, is it possible?

That would me my cheapest fix, I could try to flash both and I have a CH341A Programmer here but I’m not sure where to get the right file to do it.

I only have .ROM files from the working Laptop which I have saved using AFU, I have original and modded ones, but CH341A needs .BIN, is that correct?
Can I just rename the .ROM or do I need to get the .BIN somewhere?

Can I save the modded and working Bios as a .BIN file from one Laptop and use it to flash both other boards?
How should I do it, using CH341A or better using another program?

Anyway, I really would like to try to give life to those two boards, i7 with 8GB ram are expensive and I own three SVP13, one board is needed and is good to have a spare… I love those Laptop’s really light and still very fast for my needs.

Please let me know if someone can help me troubleshooting this or point me in the right path. I don’t mind the assemble/ disassemble routine, with a bit of luck it is not a Ram/ CPU issue and I can fix it myself…

Cheers, Helder