Backlit of Keyboard Not working after Bios Update

I just got my new Asus ROG GL552JX Laptop and upgraded to latest bios 207
Just now i used UBU on it and upgraded its Controller to 13.5, its GOP driver and lan drivers nothing else
I used AfuWin64 (AMI GUI BIOS UPDATE UTILITY) and checked program all blocks , and Flashed the new modded bios

After restarting my backlit stopped working , it is now not even flashing up during boot

then i tried reflashing my old bios via Winflash because AfuWin64 wont let me (size is different), but my backlit is not working

tried reinstalling , removing ATKpackage but nothing helping…

Please help!

@ r0ck:
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You probably have read, that the UBU tool has not been designed for being used with mobile systems.
Flashing a modded BIOS into a mobile system is generally much more risky than doing the same with a desktop system.

I hope, that you will get some useful tips from our experts.

Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thanks but i got it from another website and that solution is from 2010 !
Apparently Asus still didnt change this …

LINK :…ary-key.513264/

@ r0ck:

Thanks for your feedback and the link to the article, which contains the solution for your problem.
Did you succeed?

Yea It Worked, just followed the steps written and download link was provided in 15th page in case anybody has same problem.

It’s written that this is a common problem with all asus laptops with BK, and can happen upgrading/changing bios .