Backporting KMDF 1.13 from Windows 8.1 to Windows 7

Main Article: Intel HID Event Filter driver with modded ACPI Windows 7. - Page 2 - Windows 7 - MSFN

If you read that post, you’ll see that kar1 appears to needs KMDF from Windows 8.1 backported to Windows 7 to make my Intel Serial IO A368/A369 work under 7. This already works under 8.1 with no mods needed except to a Skylake Serial IO driver inf. On Windows 7, it has become more complicated and after days of back and forth with kar1, come to the conclusion that KMDF 1.13 is needed on Windows 7. So, my question is, can this be backported to 7? kar1 has said this has been done before when people backported KMDF 1.11 from 8.0 to XP (it was also released to Vista and 7 as an update), so I’d think backporting 1.13 from 8.1 to 7 wouldn’t be impossible. Any help on this is greatly appreciated!