BCLK Overclocking on GE75 with i7-10875H

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I recently bought MSI GE75 10SGS with i7-10875H CPU.

I have created full 16MB dump with FPTW

I wanted to enable BCLK OC on this platform. I have tried myself, and used the latest FIT from V14 CSME TOOLS.
I have changed in the ICC section settings as follows:
- Profile Changable to TRUE
- BCLK Clock configuration Enabled to ENABLE
- Profile 0/Profile Type from Standatd to ADAPTIVE

But when I clicked build image or/and Build Image for FWUpdate all settings that I set were not saved.

Why this is happening?

Then I tired another thing and in FIT in Flash Layout I changed the ME Binary file/ PMC Binary File/ PCHC configuration File for newest version that were avalible on winraid ME FW section and repeated above steps and it worked, but I don’t know here if threre were some info that must be preserved by doing the mod in this way.

Or maybe there is another option to do the steps I did in FIT in ICC section just on ME binary file and updating it using regular FWupdate tool so I don’t need to reflash the whole 16MB Modded dump.

Here is link to my full 16MB BIOS DUMP and OWN FIT BIOS MOD with ME/PMC/PCHC files that I have used to update.

Additionaly in attachement I am sending you MEINFO file.

If there is a option to update only the ME FW Part with additional settigns that I tried to do and if there is ability to flash with ME FWUpdate tool it would be great.

EDIT: I tried to create only FWUpdate only with ICC settings, but It didn’t work. ICC Settings were not saved. Strange. From what it looks, is that you can only create new icc profiles and change those settings and save them when you open full dump with FIT and then change ME/PMC/PCHC binary files but as I said I don’t know if there is something that need to be preserved to not brick the laptop. So please take a look at files that I have uploaded to you, and if you can correct anything you thing is needed to be corrected or please try to make a mod by yourself if you can.

EDIT2: If I create FWupdate file only from modded full dump with updated ME/PMC/PCHC binary files it creates the FWUpdate.bin file which contains all changes in ICC SECTION, but as I wrote before I don’t know if there are any other infos/settings that need to be preserved.
Builded image for FWUpdate with modded ICC Section: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…874307055567720

Thank you for your help
Best regards


meinfo.txt (6.05 KB)



I have once again did the mod in this way:
1. Updated ME/PMC/PCHC files
2. I have changed in the ICC section settings as follows:
- Profile Changable to TRUE
- BCLK Clock configuration Enabled to ENABLE
- Profile 0/Profile Type from Standatd to ADAPTIVE
3. Compared and corrected any setting after integrating new ME FW so all settings in the mod match with the dump.

I assume now the full 16MB bios file is good to flash, but please some guru to check it, here is the link to GE75 DUMP AND CORRECTED MOD:

Unfortunately creating FWUpdate file only, changes some settings in FIT so I think I will need to flash full BIOS, unless some guru will check if it is possible to create FWUpdate file only with all settings coresponding do full bios dump.

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Mod full BIOS, pull out ME FW, if you want to flash the ME FW only with ME FW update tool (otherwise, using full BIOS, flash ME region only with FPT and -me flag)
I replied to you about this in PM, Intel has stopped all this from being possible, long ago, 102.xx is max you can do

Also, to be able to access any of this, you need to have, and be able to see, ICC section in BIOS.

I have access to bios ICC menu.

Just one thing. So just mod a full bios dump and use -me flag in FPTW?
Did I made, all the changes in fit correct? Changing all the other options in fit to match original dump, apart ICC menu?

I know the limitation and that spread cannot be adjusted but with The mulitpliers i have it will still be a tiny boost for cpu and with that I will match the base "multipliers" of 10980hk

Then you’re good to go

Yes, if you feel confident in your ME FW changes, just mod full BIOS, then flash ME via FPT using full BIOS as source file along with the -ME flag (ie FPTw.exe -me -f biosfile.bin)
Or, you can extract the ME region only, save as .bin, using UEFITool, then flash that via FPTw.exe -me -f me.bin
This only applies if you have unlocked FD, with write access to ME region (which I doubt, unless you unlocked FD via pinmod or programmer)
Otherwise you will have to use extracted ME FW with ME FW update tool. For this, you can work on full BIOS to do the mod, then extract the ME region once done, then flash with ME FW update tool.

I did not check your files, I am not am ME FW expert, sorry, this is not something I know much about.

Spread can adjusted, but direct bclk, or final blck amount will hit wall at 102.xx anyway
Mainly you are wasting your time and risking your hardware here, unless your plan was to try and limit spread, to get more exact 100 blck, then maybe it would be worth the hassle/risk

Hope you have flash programmer in hand, if not, stop here, order one, wait until it arrives, then make backup, have someone confirm it’s OK if you cannot, then edit this, program it back
This way if it fails, you can easily recover with your backup.

I have programer and know how to use it
I thought that when v12 csme (8th or 9th gen cpu) came up, you couldnt adjust spread to 0 value. I think I red your post somwhere here about it. Or I missed something?

Also I have made new mod with older uCode for A0652 cpu and with older me fw, The very first applicable for my platform, to get rid of as much of Security fixes I can.

I have also mailed Svet from MSI for some feedback and supports I am waiting.

Hello again,

I have bothered you before sorry about that.

If it is possible can you upload your modded bios please.