Best method of updating Raid Drivers ?

Hello friends.

I’ve got a question that ive always wondered when it came to the sata/raid drivers.

What is the best (ie cleanest/safest) method ?

I’m currently on a Raid 0 Install, Win8 64, Z87 mobo with drivers and EFI sata driver

Shall I just use “update” driver from device manager, then install the new RST ?

Or uninstall old driver first, reboot (will it let me with no raid driver ?) then install new ?

Cheers for the advice

The best and safest method to update a RAID driver is to use the "Update Driver Software" option of the Device Manager after having done a right click onto the related RAID Controller.
Important: If you had additionally installed the RST Software, you have to uninstall the related software (named "Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology") as first step from within the Control Panel by using the "Add/Remove Programs" feature. After having rebooted you can update the RAID driver from within the Device Manager as mentioned above.