Best Motherboard Brands - In Terms of BIOS/Firmware Updates?


The last time I built a computer was long ago in 2011-2012. Back then I was always a fan of both Gigabyte and Asus boards, for which I have the Z68 variants. Fun fact is both pushed BIOS updates up until 4/7/15 for the Asus and 7/11/16 for the Gigabyte. However, the updates before the latest, it appears Asus supported their boards for several years longer.

I now plan to build a system soon using most likely a AMD 3800x. In terms of BIOS/Firmware support, updates and BIOS modifications, what would you rate the top 3-4 brands these days? Also, are certain brands better for modern AMD compared to Intel, or would they be universally good? I am sure much has changed over the years so would love to hear your thoughts coming from a software perspective instead of benchmarks.

My Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 has still been running strong thanks to the active support from this community. I have been able to update to latest Microcode regularly when Intel flaws come out and add better NVMe support. Hoping I can get long life out of my next build too.

Thank You!

Depends- consumer boards or "semi professional"? Best I know is Fujitsu Siemens:
D3222B (Q87), first bios 05/13, latest 08/19
D3239 (C226) (PRIMERGY RX1330 M1), latest Bios from 12/19 with an update to Intel ME (SPS 3 Denlow)

Nice to know! I don’t even think they sell Fujitsu brand motherboards in the US. I am curious more about Consumer brands. Also, what brands typically are the quickest to fix serious bugs thoroughly and that release updates related to 0-day vulnerabilities?

I think I should rephrase my overall question to be more clear:

From a software perspective, what consumer brand motherboards tend to be most stable, reliable, up to date have the best modding support here?

Consumer brands such as MSI, Asus, ASRock, Gigabyte, Intel etc.


Most of the EVGA lineup of boards are well followed - but maybe that’s just because I have more experience using their boards
Supermicro are also good with their FW updates in my opinion (for server class boards)
Otherwise you can’t really go wrong with ASUS imo