Best ram module for Gigabyte H61m-WW

Hi i got confused . Currently i have a hyperx 8gb ram but my local seller is telling me i can’t have anything more than 2 x 4Gb ram module but i am running 8gb in single slot.
I wish to upgrade to fury X , can i do so?
Which will be best ram module for this board?

Based on Gigabyte specifications, this board has 2 DDR3 slots with a maximum total size of 16GB. So each slot can take up to an 8GB module. So your current 8GB module is just fine, your local seller is wrong.

Amazon is selling kingstone fury x ddr3 at very low price . Question is can i run it?
I have asked the seller but one is telling yes other telling no…cdPenName=Dibya
I am really in big confusion

They should work, just not at 1600MHz but rather 1333MHz which is what that board supports. Unless you overclock, if such settings are available. If you plan to add another 8GB module to your existing one for the max 16GB you need to choose the same or a very similar module as far as frequency and latency timings are concerned to avoid issues.

I should buy two . They are selling at very low price.