Bios asrock z68 pro3

I have a motherboard of some kind asrock z68 pro 3 I put a special bot for it, but it was wrong, the computer turned on and off, and I could not find its bios, which is a file bin Please Help

“some kind”…you dont know what you own?
“bot”…it was the wrong “bot” ???

Use a translator or ask some one to write properly the issue, what is needed, the cause and the right motherboard model.

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Why did you post your BIOS request into the not matching “Other Drivers” Sub-Forum?
The latest officially released BIOS for your mainboard is named Z68PRO_2.10 and can be downloaded from >this< ASRock Support page. You can flash the BIOS by using the standard ASRock Instant Flash tool.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)