Bios Bricked Asrock X370 Fatality Gaming X

Hello I have a problem, I’m trying to flash a bios winbond w25q128fwsq of an asrock x370 fatality gaming x which has writing restriction and programming it with a ch341a, what can be done? ask for the programmed chip? sorry for my bad English

@ASDID - Use ASProgrammer 1.40, hit unprotect and then write BIOS -

Also, for W25Q128FW you need 1.8V adapter, like linked below, this is 1.65-1.95V chip -…v_g_feb1714.pdf

I can use this? Or i need buy the 1.8v adapter


You also need the 1.8v adapter, goes into that CH341A programmer like a BIOS chip or SOIC8 cable, then BIOS or cable into the 1.8V adapter (So 1.8V adapter in middle of chain)

Hello, with asp programmer get an error "Adress 000…" @Lost_N_BIOS

@ASDID - Did you purchase the 1.8V adapter yet? If not, you can do nothing until you do

@Lost_N_BIOS I bought it, use the programmer isp and when the protection shows what is in the image, once you finish writing the bios and turn on the pc debugg display pulls error 05 before it was 07, I need another .bin? I’m using the ones that you download from the official asrock website


I don’t know what is programmer ISP? Image above is too huge to be read properly, no one needs 3MB image to view a simple screenshot of an app, use screenshot program or print screen button and use paint then crop to size
There should be no protection, and probably never was (ASProgrammer always says this) however you can “unprotect” if you want. I checked chip here, and mine shows same after I “unprotect”, and can read/write to the chip without issue (and I could before, with all the “protection” bits set too

Did you erase, then blank check, then open BIOS file, then write and verify? If not, you need to do that order.

I would not program in any stock BIOS, you will loose your serial, UUID, LAN MAC ID etc. Also, those kind of stock BIOS usually missing an entire NVRAM volume and 95% of another NVRAM volume, so may not always be bootable anyway
Send me your dumped BIOS, from before you erased or wrote anything, I will edit one for you to use. I checked “Instant Flash” BIOS 5.40 and all I mentioned above applies

If you didn’t dump first Please send me ANY backup BIOS you made from before, this can be with AFU or other software or maybe even made within BIOS during a previous BIOS Update.

hello, sorry for being late in answering, I had bought a bios on Ebay but when welding the chip on the mother it gives me an error of 00 … and very idiot … because I knew it could happen do not save any backup

@ASDID - Sorry I lost your post until now! Do you still need help to fix this?