Bios checksum error

Hey Guys. I hope u can help me again.

I had a problem with the bios before and hoped, it will be fixed with the new bios version but it isnt.

If i start the Pc, sometimes ( at 1 from 2 Starts) there is no starting beep and the bios tell me: Bad bios checksum, try to repair. And then he try to boot from floppy, cd or usb.
Then I must clear the cmos and then he start without problems.
I tried many different original bios Versions and at last the modded 1601 from ziogts.And switch the bios chip, but no chance.

So after having cleared the CMOS everything is ok and you can use the updated BIOS modules? If yes, why don’t you do a “clearing CMOS” after each BIOS update?

How resp. with which method did you flash the BIOS?

No, i mean i must clear the cmos everytime if the checksum error displayed. And this happens everyday. not only after flashing new bios. after a few days this error f$%!ed me up i tried to fix it.

I flashed with ez flash 2.